Hi Judy, I have just spoke to the last of the attendee's and without fail everyone has stated how much they enjoyed the training and felt it invaluable, all discussing how current Dementia practice could be improved and have all recommended you as a facilitator so I've passed this through to David at our head office. Thank you so much for the day. Take care.
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Grief in the Workplace

During the mid 1980’s in the U.S.A. it was estimated that $75 billion dollars per year were lost due to grief in the workplace. Whatever the rate of exchange – that comes to a lot of ££££’s.


Most of us will experience bereavement at some point during our working lives. It can be a life changing experience, or a moment of discomfort hastily forgotten. However, when bereavement occurs in the workplace everyone around may be affected, and productivity can come to a sudden grinding halt. Anything that disrupts work potentially threatens the survival of the organisation. Compassion and practical issues can find themselves at loggerheads and unless both can find a way to work side by side, the fallout can be devastating to all concerned.


Grief can enter through many doors of a company, both in the loss of someone close to a key employee, or the member of a team. The symptoms of grief conflict with recognised workplace behaviour and in any other circumstance they would be considered an illness, this makes it all the more surprising that most organisations do not have a template for bereavement.


This workshop, which can be fitted into an early morning or lunch time  will assist the HR department and Managers to manoeuvre safely through the minefield of human emotions that can threaten to disrupt the most professional of workplaces.


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