"I was fortunate enough to be put in contact with Judy when my mother was first diagnosed with Vascular Dementia. She made a real bond with my mother, who is a very private person, but made her feel that she was still an important member of the family and valued.

Judy is a very giving person and was very thoughtful and caring towards my mother, I feel that she dealt with any situation in a very sensible and positive manner. I never felt the slightest qualm in leaving them together all day knowing that my mother was much more positive and happy by the end of a session with her.

I would not hesitate to recommend Judy in any caring environment. Her positive and sensitive attitude and general good sense always shine through."

H. Feeney

Bereavement & Loss

Judy is frequently requested to give her Bereavement and Loss workshops at short notice when there has been bereavement in a Home. Many carers and residents have found this workshop particularly helpful.

Some of the topics that Judy covers are:

  • Differences in Grief, Bereavement and Mourning
  • Identifying different losses
  • In depth understanding of the stages of grief
  • What makes bereavement more difficult?
  • Cultural differences in bereavement
  • Appropriate memorials
  • Supporting grieving service users and carers
  • Effective listening skills
  • How to communicate with grieving families
  • What to say and what not to say

Judy is an Accredited Bereavement Counsellor with Cruse the National Bereavement Charity and is the co author of The Essential Guide to Bereavement - Beyond Tomorrow Jessica Kingsley due to be published June 2013