End of Life Conversations

What do you say when you don't know what to say!

It is easy to avoid having difficult conversations, but it can be very lonely and isolating to be at the end of life and have no-one who will acknowledges this. 

'You will be fine!' or 'when you are better ...' punctuate  many conversations believing, that where there is life there is hope. Avoidance will not change the outcome but it may change the dying person's experience of end of life, as well as leaving friends and family having to live with all that was unsaid. That which is unsaid then remains unsaid.


Having difficult conversations is not always as difficult as it seems, it is simply knowing where to start.

I think of end of life as having a 'return to sender' ticket that we are all born with and ignore! Instead we might consider approaching it as we would any long journey, by tying up our loose ends, saying goodbye to those we love and making sure that those that still need our love and care will be cared for by others.  

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