Hi Judy, I have just spoke to the last of the attendee's and without fail everyone has stated how much they enjoyed the training and felt it invaluable, all discussing how current Dementia practice could be improved and have all recommended you as a facilitator so I've passed this through to David at our head office. Thank you so much for the day. Take care.
Together, the Leading Charity for Mental health

Caring for People with Dementia

ELM's workshop Caring for People with Dementia is in demand by many of Age Concern’s staff, Housing Associations and in Homes for the Elderly, Learning Disabled and those with Mental Health Disabilities. All ELM trainers  have had first hand experience of caring for someone with dementia and are able to empathise on many levels.

The topics include:

  • What is Dementia?
  • Types of Dementia
  • Effects of Dementia on the Individual
  • Planning Activities
  • Communicating
  • Understanding  Behaviour viewed as Challenging
  • Person Centred Approach
  • The effects of Caring for People with Dementia

The course can be taken as a one, two or three day workshop.


For more details  please click here to contact Judy Carole or call us on 07919 072111.