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End of Life can be the most natural thing on earth, with the emphasis on biography not biology, but it is not so and we have handed end of life over to the medical world.


It can be very lonely and isolating to be at the end of life and have no one who will allow you to speak your truth.


Difficult conversations are not as - well - difficult as they first may appear to be, it is just knowing where to start.


Do you need someone to talk it through?

"Judy you must be as thrilled as I am with the comments of the team regarding the training on Friday. You train on a difficult and highly sensitive subject.

You have a rare talent to capture and educate people in such an interactive, informal and comfortable way.

We were very pleased with the day. Thank you so much for the gift of your energy."

Sue O'Hara

(Chief Executive Officer, Blindaid)

"Hi Judy, without fail everyone has stated how much they enjoyed the training and felt it invaluable, we are all discussing how our current dementia practice could be improved and have all recommended you as a facilitator so I’ve passed this through to David at our head office. Thank you so much for the day. Take care."



(Together, the Leading Charity for Mental health)

I think of end of life as having a 'return to sender' ticket that we are all born with and ignore! Instead we might consider approaching it as we would any long journey, by tying up our loose ends, saying goodbye to those we love and making sure that those that still need our love and care will be cared for by others.  

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